Monday, January 16, 2017

Guy Friend

There are different types of girls- guy's girls, girl's girls or a combo of the two.  My entire life I identified with being a guy's girl which meant I was always friends with the guys, playing dodge ball, tether ball or horse shoes.  I learned early on that girls can be drama and they compete quite horribly with each other...  What I didn't know was that those girls were in a completely different league.  Those girls are just trolls.  This isn't about them.

The guy's girl tends to be more at ease with dudes and tends to grow into the woman we all despise.  She talks football and cars, drinks a beer and burps without a second thought.  She wouldn't be caught dead at a girl's night and will most definitely get away with the messy bun, sweat pants, and raglan look without looking homeless.  These girls are the ones that guys look to for advice about dating, yet these girls would NEVER ask a guy friend for advice dating, because the guy's girl doesn't let her dudes know there is a beau.

The girl's girl is all about her girl nights, isn't in the market to make any guy friends because how could she ever find a guy to marry that way?  She is classy, put together and insists on wine Wednesdays with her gals because when else will they discuss the men they are dating?  These girls are the epitome of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and they have very clearly defined which lady they identify the most with.

The deadly one in the way of all relationships is the combo girl.  This is where I fall.  I have my girls and I have my guys,  I walk down the middle... I will burp with the guys at football on Sunday and come Wednesday bring a bottle of Merlot to girls night.  Girlfriends hate me and other women just don't understand the friendships forged.  The thing is, I would never trade my guys or girls for anyone and nothing is worse than when the two meet and don't work out.  Of course, it is a double standard.  As a combo girl, I am free to date the friends of my guy friends and I have.  While they didn't work out, it was also a good thing.  You basically get a background check upon introduction and your guy friends will have your back.  This is where having guy friends is a bit of a bonus of just having girlfriends.

The thing is there is a nothing wrong with having guy friends and it is shitty when women try to shame me for it.  I understand boundaries, especially when there are wives or girlfriends.  Honestly, it is sometimes better to have the significant other around so you're not responsible to keep him in line.  I also know that sometimes it is nice to be able to call up a guy friend and ask advice or literally just shoot the shit.  I haven't fallen into the cliche of falling for any of my guy friends so I truly believe if there are lines those lines will be respected and not crossed.

When a woman puts a wall up against men in the friendship zone, they are also putting a wall up when it comes to dating.  A lot of men in today's world want to be friends with women prior to settling down.  To some that may seem like a game, but to me it makes total sense.  Out of the guys that have asked for friendship first, none of them have ghosted me, none have broken my heart and more importantly most are still friends that I could call up to have a beer with no romantic involvement, because we know it just wouldn't work out.  These guys actually turn into amazing wing men.

All I am saying is, don't knock it until you try it... You just might find a best friend that ends up being a soul mate.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seven Days In

Seven days....  On one hand I am ready to scream and shout from the roof top.  On the other hand, I remember I still have 23 days to go.  Things got tricky today. First off, I woke up before the crack of dawn.  Second, I didn't have breakfast.  Lastly... I cheated!!  I used one vanilla creamer in my decaf coffee at dinner, but you know what, I am ok.  Technically the rules say I have to start over, but Melissa Hartwig (founder) of Whole30 had a few awesome posts on instagram that made me realize I am doing better than I have been in  along time and sometimes IT IS OK to have that one teeny tiny thing.  I refuse to let one mess up make January a total failure.  I got up, drank a shit ton of water and decided that I wouldn't fall off the wagon and go on a binge.  I am feeling great, my pants are loose, and so far I am feeling good.  I hate the 2 p.m. slump I find myself in and I hate that I continuously wake up prior to my alarm, but I am embracing this change as a good sign. 

If you want to read along with my daily entries click here or up top on Whole 30, Round 3.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Currently, January

Here with Anne and Jessica for what is currently going on.

Gathering- I am constantly on the lookout for blog inspiration to keep people coming back to read and hopefully share my posts, or maybe even pin them.  I like scouring the internet and grabbing as much inspiration as I can.

Making- This month is a Whole30 month which means lots and lots of food preparation and new meal ideas.  Don't worry, I plan on sharing a few recipes here.

Sipping- Peppermint tea has always been a love of mine and already I have consumed a few gallons of it.  It is refreshing, calming, and can help with tummy aches and hangovers.

Following- With the Presidential inauguration a few weeks away, I have been following the news.  This is a rarity for me.  I am not a news person.  

Resolving-  I resolve to be all around best version of myself.  This might be the hardest resolution one has, but it will be a true project in growth and loving oneself, even the not so nice parts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Whole 30 Round 3 Day 1

Well it has been almost 2 years since I really committed myself to a Whole 30 round, but with the New Year came a purpose to go for it again.  January is no better time to start and today just happens to be day one.  I won't lie, I ate more horribly than I normally do yesterday all in the way of giving up chocolate, wine, butter, cottage cheese, coffee creamer and every other delicious thing under the sun.  Then of course I slept like absolute shit, but here I am today doing this thing.

So far I feel hungover and sleep deprived.  Per the calendar from the website I have about a week of this, but I don't remember this feeling from the first two rounds.

Maybe it's the fact that I by passed coffee this morning because I literally cannot without creamer, but don't worry these are arriving from Amazon on Thursday.

The meal prep wasn't awful.  Breakfast is egg muffins and fruit for breakfast, veggie bags full of snap peas, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots for a snack; lunch was apple chicken sausage, spinach salad with cucumbers and dinner will be asparagus and baked salmon.  Honestly it isn't awful... It's just the detox that is hell.  

Anyone else participating in Whole 30? photo back on track_zpsshveu21l.png

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cheers To Lessons Of 2016

 2016 was a wild ride and honestly wasn't awful to me, but none the less I am excited to see what the future brings.   Life lessons come every year and in every shape and form.

Your taste in EVERYTHING will change.  Coors Light will now taste like water and those taste buds will want something hoppier.  Those white capris may stick around but you have refined the way you wear them, you will trade reefs in for wedges.  Trading in white wine for a Merlot or zinfandel  Even your taste in men will change: preppy to rebel-rouser to backwoods boy to dad jeans, to crew cut.  It will ever evolve until you settle down.

You will see the importance of doctor and dentist appointments.  You won't wait so long to go in when you are sick, because who really wants to use sick time for actual illness?  You will want those teeth cleaned so your whitening products work better and for overall health.  You may even start wearing your dreaded retainer again as you see those pearly whites shifting. 

You learn that not everything is all about the bar.  Your early twenties are all about getting to the bar, getting shit faced, looking for an after party and stumbling home toward dawn.  As time goes on, you trade that in for happy hours and weekly meet ups with you home and in bed by midnight.  This isn't old, this is mature.  Obviously there will still be those times you cut loose- holidays, birthdays, vacations.

You start paying your debt off and get sick to your stomach to think how badly you got yourself into the hole.  You start reading articles by Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey in hopes of someday owning a home.

Your friends start getting married and having kids and you wonder why as there is still so much world to see and travel.  For some this goes away, but for others like me, you will continue to play favorite auntie and be a bridesmaids/ wedding planners in between work/school and travel.

You realize that age is only a number and even though you are semi-grown up, you long for the days in high school when an after school job was just for extra cash for football games and the movies.

I plan on embracing the changes, laughter, love, and everything else life will throw at me in the coming year.  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Charming Leading Lady

Hallmark movies always seem to pull ladies into all day marathons and filling up the DVR, especially at Christmas time.  There is guaranteed laughter, maybe a few tears and of course, the endless possibility of romance blooming.  Secretly we all wish we could hop into a Hallmark life, but sadly there are a few realities I have come across...  First being, how would I afford to live out the lifestyle of a Hallmark leading lady?  They seem to never work, have a cute yet expensive little zippy car, and their housing is out of this world.

Regardless of the weather conditions outside, the main girls is always wearing shoes that are not weather appropriate.  Heels in the middle of a snow storm?  Been there, done that and guess what?  I feel on my ass and it hurt, like really bad.  Where are the snow boots?  Why does it always have to snow?  I might add, most of the characters seem to be accident prone.. Maybe it is their stylish yet not functional footwear?

These ladies are always perfectly done up leading you to believe they wake up flawlessly.  Hi, I am going to need about 18 layers of goopy make up to look that flawless and it still isn't guaranteed.  Maybe I can walk around with a permanent Snap filter that smooths and minimizes everything...

Have you ever noticed how there is always some emotionally scarring thing that has occurred to the leading lady and it in turn makes her despise Christmas and the all joy it brings?  In one, the leading lady is a widow, another has her left at the altar... The list goes on and on and on.  Why do the writers continue to make it all about loss, can't a girl love Christmas, love snow and still find love?  Let's not forget that some of these women are about as exciting as a wet mop while the others are sparkling with charm.

Obviously, Hallmark knows how to get into the psyche and have a lady lounge waste her day away and get sucked into fairy tale after fairy tale.  The problem is that these also create a Cinderella Syndrome in their viewers.  From time to time, I have found myself wrapped up in it and it takes a good week to shake it.  Heck it is how I ended up on Match a few times.  In a roundabout way, my point is that these are just movies and sometimes we have to remember we are our own charming leading ladies and we need to take charge of our own lives.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Spread the LOVE

The last few months I have been tossing an idea around in my head in regards to a book, but the kind of book that is a compilation of stories told by the people closest to me.  Stories from their life experiences and relationships.... And I have been stuck when it comes to moving forward, but as 2017 approaches I have decided to pull myself out of the mud and get 'er done.

As a blogger, I have met and connected with a few people, as a person I know even more people and social media has brought us all together so I am going to go out on a limb and ask for help.  Maybe it isn't really help, but I do need your stories.  I want to share the every day love stories from my readers/ followers/ friends and importantly my family.  We all have a story to tell about the greatest loves in our lives and I want to put these stories out in the world.. I want to share the love. My greatest hope would be that it spreads love. makes people believe in love and maybe with all sorts of love flying around we can find a peace within ourselves that will expand out.

In the words of John Lennon" You may say that I'm dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."

Let's spread LOVE!