Monday, February 20, 2017

Doing What I Gotta Do

Getting older I am learning things, most especially that societal norms don't typically work for me.  I tend to march to the beat of my own drum.  Society tends to tell you what to do and how to follow rules, but they are the first ones to judge you if something goes wrong.  Hint- they are not blaming themselves, rather they blame the person who something happened to for not whole heartedly following societal rules.

I believe that a girl can call a guy, that she can go after who she wants and if that doesn't work, the guy may not be right for her.  Suppression of feelings and following the advice of friends may seem easier, but in the long run, it is not your friends dating the guy, it is you.  We get so wrapped up in what other people think that we miss the signs of something sparking or not sparking at all.

I didn't realize how much I followed the advice of others and how much that skewed my thought process until recently.  I was willing to continue talking to Guy A who I had absolutely no interest in, all because Guy B fell off my radar and had been dating other people.  Guy B may not seem like the right guy to my friends, but the fact of the matter is my friends only know him through me and the frustrations I have felt.  Guy A and I will not be seeing each other again.  As for Guy B, he is kind of a dipshit sometimes.  Here is where communication becomes key.  No I don't want to always be the one calling and texting, but maybe I need to suck it up and take the few times he does initiate first as a sign of interest and just be open about my feelings?
I mean clearly it can't get any weirder than it already is.  Maybe something can come of it or maybe my heart will be blended up again....

I have a responsibility to myself to be and open and honest with the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I don't owe society anything.  I don't have to take the advice I am given, whether solicited or not.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bachelor Contestant

I don't watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" anymore... I know, I know... Please catch your breath for a second.

The contestants are all over the place on the mental health spectrum, there is too much crazy bitchiness (especially from the dudes), too many out of the ordinary experiences that are sure to disappear once you go back to reality and so many other things.  No to mention the fact that these people are trying to end up married to someone they competed for on tv... 

Sometimes I wonder what I would be like as a contestant on the show...

Camera Shy-  I would be the girl running from cameras, because I know my best angle and it is not eating Cheetos with a coffee for a mid day snack!


Competition- I would NOT survive here.  I don't fight over guys.  I will fight over a dirty look,  stupidity, maybe the last Oreo, even a box of Cheerios (true story, I should share that in a post), but I will not fight over a guy.  I truly believe a guy worth having isn't going to make a bunch of ladies argue over him and if he gets off on chicks fighting over him, well his ego is going to be more than I can handle if I get picked.


Trips- I would do so well with the travel aspect of the show.  The only problem being, I would want to take this vacation life home with me, whether I won or lost.  This is where ABC Network really gets the hopes up of the contestants.


Illness- I would be the first person in the history of the show to come down with mono, because that kind of stuff just happens to me.  In all honesty, how has a mono outbreak not occurred and if it has, how have we been kept in the dark?!?!?!  You get that many people together making out with the same guy something is bound to go around.  


Champagne- Another area I would excel at... Until it was time to be semi sober for the final rose ceremony.  Things would go downhill faster than Lindsay Vonn on a ski slope.  There would be slurring, smeared make up, drunk hair and perhaps an outburst or two about which girl got a rose.  Drinking and standing still while being quiet is not a challenge I would be able to win. After all was said and done, there would be MORE booze consumed and I am pretty sure I would stumble to bed or wake up on a couch and not know how I got there.  Best part, there are limo drivers, so feel free to drink as much as possible in your formal wear. 


What if I didn't get picked?!?!?  There would months of " I am such a catch", "Why didn't he see how great I was?", "I am the real winner" and other dramatic statements coming out of my mouth.  Heartbreak is bad enough, but to air it across the world via television would be pure hell...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

No Spend February?

So clearly I suck at life and had this ready to post YESTERDAY, but I forgot to hit that pesky "PUBLISH" tab.  Please forgive me!

Yesterday I posted about a possible "No spend February" and the thought that I might want to commit to that...  Well the thing is, I have a lot of plans in February, March and April so it kind of makes it a bit difficult.  I also read up and researched no spend weekends or weeks which seems much more my style.

The thing about not spending money is that you actually have to plan things out and really pay attention to what you are doing.  Clearly groceries and gas for the car are imperative as are paying the bills, but it really it is about planning out what and how you are going to do this.  Not spending money is a challenge and it should start small and snowball into more and more days not spending money.

I will say this... I hate when people say most of the money you spend is on a daily coffee.  It simply isn't true.  I have a coffee maker and I buy creamer and guess what, I am still not holing away that daily $4.57 because it just gets lumped into a different purchase.

Here are my week by week Starting the 1st with a new week beginning on Mondays) goals for saving money-

February 1-5: There isn't a lot going on through these days.  My goal is to not spend money on things I don't need.  For instance, I know I have a meeting at a pizza place so I plan on ordering dinner which will be money spent.  Sunday is the Superbowl and I plan on buying football squares which will be money spent.  Of course I will also have to get groceries for the coming week, which means more money spent.  I do plan on using my list and only buying what I need for the week.

February 6-12: So far there are no plans other than another meeting for this week.  My goal is to bring lunch 3 out of 5 days to avoid spending money every day on lunch.  I feel like this week should be a bit easier.

February 13-19: My plan for this week is to bring lunch four days since I am leaving early on Friday.  Friday is also the Blake Shelton concert so there will be money spent on dinner and beer.  The good thing about concerts is that I bring a set amount of cash and once that is gone, I am done for the night.

February 20-26:  Another week of bringing lunch and hopefully making a meal that will last all week so I won't have to be out and about trying to find dinner.   Another concert weekend, but this time it is Alan Jackson out in Laughlin.  This should not be overly expensive, with exception of buying tickets.  Then again, if the weather is shit I won't be going.

February 27-28: The last two days of the month... No plans, so perhaps these will be my best "no spend" days!

As you can see, my biggest thing is bringing lunch.  When you go out to lunch $10-$15 a day adds up fast.  Let's average that out at $12.50 per lunch, there are 19 wok days in February, I will be there for 18 which would be me spending $225.00 for lunch!  My grocery bill would be less than a third of that.  SO here is to bringing lunch in the month of February over eating out everyday!

How do you plan not to spend money?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Instead Of Politics

Is it just me, or has everyone kind of had it with the ignorant and cruel political posts on Facebook?  Truthfully, I have shared a few things on my personal page that I think are important, but some of these people fighting with each other is ridiculous.  You're not going to "school" anyone or miraculously make them see things your way.  I know there has been a lot of strife over the recent "ban" and I am not going to say I condone it, in fact it breaks my heart, but I am not going to get into it either.

So here are a few things that should take your mind off of politics...  At least for the entire time it takes you to read this post.

Superbowl 51- New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are going to be taking over Houston in less than two weeks.  My boys (of course) made it again and hopefully will dominate.  I will admit it is nice to see the Falcons with another appearance for the big game.  This is only their second appearance and I have a feeling they will be a force to be reckoned with.  I am hoping for a close and exciting game and maybe I will some money with my Superbowl squares.

"Z"- Amazon Prime released their latest creation starring Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald.  I could not stop watching it.  I started last Friday and was finished on Sunday.  In all fairness the episodes are 25-30 minutes a piece so it wasn't that much binge time.  But seriously, Amazon has done a stunning job.  I have always been a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I never knew how much he stole borrowed from Zelda to create his masterpieces and they have made the Jazz age a place I want to visit.  Have you watched it?

Vitamin C Serum - So this wasn't what I thought it was when I bought it.  In fact, I thought I was purchasing a Vitamin C face oil to use as a moisturizer... Yeah, this is not that.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised.  This serum is supposed to fade dark spots/ sun spots, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, but the best thing to me is that using this after washing my face and before using primer has allowed my make up to actually stay in place all day long.  It made me realize my oil was too oily and my face would run all over the place.

No Spend February-  I have been reading and taking notes from bloggers that have gone an entire month without spending money on things other than bills and groceries.  While I think this could be a great idea, I am still trying to put together how I would pull this off.  Perhaps I will have a post for you tomorrow on it.

What are you doing to stay sane during all of the political post wars?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Oh, Brad

I would like to introduce y'all to Brad.  Brad seemed like a nice guy, we met, exchanged numbers, texted and finally met up for dinner and had a nice time late last summer.  We tried to schedule a second date, but something about him working late and him getting pissed off about my schedule made it impossible to reschedule.  I actually never heard back from him regarding a rescheduling of the second date.   That was almost 6 months ago! I would get random "hi"s and that was it.  Well yesterday I got a "hi" and this what commenced...

This is totally shitty, because on all social media outlets he is in a relationship with a girl named Katie.  Now I am not saying they couldn't have broken up and he could just bad at updating profiles, but I demand respect and getting pissy and disappearing isn't going to fly around these parts.  Maybe he is licking his wounds, or maybe he found some other girl to entertain his bullshit, but it wasn't me.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Making A Den

All of my life I have watched my mom attack a project and when things don't go quite her way, my dad would pick up the pieces and put them together his way.  I have seen many a war begin and end with home improvement projects.  

Honestly, nothing has changed and anytime I have EVER tried to complete a project, somehow both of my parents have teamed up against me and taken it over.  After I moved out, I left all of my bedroom furniture in my childhood home and now my parents get to deal with the flat white I painted my dresser, mirror and nightstands.  They are not happy about it still and its been like a decade (insert maniacal laugh).

Anyways, now that I am living on my own things haven't changed much.  My parents are my neighbors and tend to visit, especially when I start a project.  For the two and a half years I have lived in my house I have had an unfinished room.  It is currently sitting full of unused exercise equipment and boxes upon boxes of holiday decor.  Truth be told, I really have no other place to put the decor, but it is time to do something with the space.  I have a few ideas, but mainly I am not sure which way to tackle them.  Anyone have any advice?

I have created a "Home Office/ Den" board on Pinterest and I will definitely be sharing progress along the way.  I know that I want light colors to lighten up the room and give a warmth off.  Also I want to create an office area where I can do my blogging and writing.  Here are a few looks that I absolutely adore.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Am A Woman

I am confident.
I am proud.
I am intelligent.
I am a hard worker.
I am a loved one.

I have worked for crappy bosses and great bosses.
I have worked for and with women and I have worked for and with men.
I have gone to church.
I have cried when I have felt betrayed.
I have risen above pettiness to live my life.

I matter because I am human.
I matter because people love me and I love them.
I matter because I was created with a heart and soul that feels.

I should be given the same opportunities for respect, an education, equal pay, healthcare,and fundamental rights the way men are.

I am the young girl you pass at the park, the awkward teenager getting braces, the unsure twenty something, the young mother, the brokenhearted thirty year old, the accidental love interest, the cynical mid forties lady at the market, the divorcee, the determined fifty something...  I will continue to be in the heart of each female you encounter in your life.

I am a woman and I am equal.