Saturday, October 7, 2017

How I Am Doing

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 was just supposed to be the last fun filled day of the Route 91 festival.  It was supposed to be full of beers, laughter, photos, and many memories.  It started that way, but it ended tragically.  I know, because I was there.

For days I have struggled (and I still am struggling) to process what exactly occurred and why.  The why I will never know, but the what...  That was bullets raining down from above striking many and  killing 58 innocent people.

It is hard to process, because I could have been one of those people, my mom could have, my sister, my brother in law or the friends we went with.  Thankfully none of us were injured physically, but the emotional damage is there.  It is something we each will carry for the rest of our lives.

I want to say that I am okay and honestly, for the most part I am.  I still can't listen to country music without crying, but I can talk about Sunday with out tearing up.  The news media posts bring me anger and tears. 

I cannot fathom what the families of those injured and lost are dealing with.  We all have a long road ahead of us, but I ask this... Think about Sunday when you vote in your representatives.

Think about Sandy Hook Elementary.

Think about Virginia Tech.

Think about Aurora.

Think about San Bernardino.

Think about Columbine.

Think about Orlando.

Think about every single mass shooting.

Think about how we can help prevent more mass shootings, because not one of us should have to run for our lives from rapid gunfire in America, at least not in the America I know and I love.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Bucket List

With Autumn approaching, (What?!?! We only have 14 days before it here) i have started looking up excellent things to do once the season is upon us.

- Photograph tree leaves changing colors.

- Go on a brisk morning hike. (Is there such a thing as brisk in California anymore?)

- Decorate pumpkins before carving them.

- Visit a pumpkin patch. ( I buy my pumpkins at Walmart after the pumpkin patch visit... MUCH cheaper!)

- Bake some pumpkin goodies. ( Like these or this!)

- Enjoy hot cocoa or coffee on the deck wrapped up in a blanket. (Again this is only if it actually gets cold).

- Watch "Hocus Pocus" with my mom (it's her favorite!).

- Go on a not so haunted hayride.

- Oktoberfest!

- Enjoy the change of season and bask in the calm before the holidays really hit us all.

What is on your bucket list for this fall?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Goals

Here we are in September.  Soon the season will change and it will officially be fall with pumpkin patches to visit, sweaters to wear (except here in California, where it is still 500 million degrees outside), and Pumpkin Spice everywhere.

Before I run away with the fall colors, I wanted to share my goals for September with y'all!

Eating Better- Is it just me or does summer make it hard to eat clean and whole foods?  That shouldn't be the case, but it seems that processed crap is easier to heat up or rip open than bananas and spaghetti squash!  This month I am heading back to eating healthier, less processed shit.  I am not planning a Whole 30, but one never knows what could happen!  I also plan to stop drinking during the week so we shall see...

Exercise- A few weeks ago I got back into walking after work.  Well for September I plan to step it up.  Not just walking after work, but getting back to my Daily Burn subscription and lifting weights.

It Works-  In May I signed up to be a Distributor of It Works products.  I first fell in love with the Hair Skin Nails vitamins and my love for each product continues to grow.   In August I hit Executive with 1296 Volume points, this month my goal is to hit 1500 Volume Points and get a few DTs under me.  Seriously, today through the 10th, if you sign up to sell It Works and get 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days you get a $500 shopping spree, plus entries to win a bad ass Jeep Wrangler!

Sleep- I am really trying hard to create better sleep patterns which have been difficult with hot nights and no a/c.  I have set a bedtime and I won't be texting after a certain time of night, all in the sake of getting better sleep!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Showing Texas Love

Most people who know me well, know that I am not a huge fan of Texas.  In fact, I prefer the term TexAss when referring to the state, but that is neither here nor there.  What is here is the fact that Texas has been struck by Hurricane Harvey this past week, only to have Harvey spin out and regain strength and head toward Louisiana.

My mom's family is from both states with family still residing in both, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say I have southern roots and I feel them from time to time.  More importantly, I have American roots so when fellow Americans are in trouble I ask how I can help.

During Katrina I worked for a Credit Union who gladly took FEMA donations.  The thing with FEMA is all donations must be made in cash.  I don't buy into the whole Go Fund Me pages as too much fraud can occur there.  Instead, I fully support The American Red Cross.  Through Facebook's donation tab, I have created a page and simple button to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.  If you can donate, please do.  The American Red Cross is also taking donations via text message in $10 increments, just text 90999.

 In the meantime, please keep sending thoughts and prayers to all victims, residents and most importantly, the volunteers and emergency workers who are risking their lives and have been working tirelessly to save lives and rescue sweet puppies!

Please enjoy some fun memories of my trip to Texas in 2013.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar Update

I am almost 2 weeks into taking an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) every morning.   You can read my original post here.  I decided to try this out for the health and weight management benefits.

Here are a few things I have found/encountered:

Refrigerating the ACV helps the shot (1 T ACV mixed with 1 T cold water) go down much easier.

My stomach still turns at the though of this shot first thing in the morning and my esophogus.

I have had heartburn twice, which means my heartburn has decreased since starting this on August 5th.  The two days of heartburn were after nights of excessive drinking with my girls.

My tummy and stomach feels less bloated.

I have lost 1" around my wait and hips.

I am less hungry all day long, but that could also be attributed to the Thermofit I have been taking.

At this point, I don't plan on stopping until my month.  At that point I will re-evaluate these morning shots, or I may step it up to one first thing in the morning and one before lunch.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beer Spiller Dude

Lately I have been toying with the idea of online dating again.  Previously I have done it and I met some cool pen pals, but nothing really came to fruition.  I also was very lucky and never had to deal with stereotypical dillweeds of Tinder and Bumble.  Blame my low bullshit tolerance on that one... Bye, Felipe.

The thing is, when you have an amazing tribe of girls who are all single, you all complain and start thinking about all of you dating and doing this whole app dating thing together.  It can be fun, it can fill time while you all sit back and finish bottles of wine...  Your friends help with the superficial swipe and later help with the awkward first messages and in some cases (yes we have all done it), appear on first meetings... Safety in girl friends!

It all sounds like so much fun, right?  It isn't!  Dating is freaking exhausting, even more so when your phone is constantly yelling at you about your matches expiring.  The last thing I really want to add to my work, home, friend, workout schedule is a dating app, but I was at a loss and everyone was doing it, so I again downloaded Bumble and it was exactly what I described above... Torture.  Absolute torture.

I have been sitting in an internal battle over this whole dating app crap and honestly it is quite comical.  I really don't want to meet someone from an app.  Wouldn't it be such a better story to say we met at a bar when my sandal got stuck to his shit?  Or that we bonded over a mutual love of Bob Seger?  Better yet, that he spilled his pitcher of beer down my back?  Of course, there is always the bookstore or grocery aisle to meet as well...  

Recently my disdain of meeting on an app was firmly placed into concrete when a guy walked by me at a bar, my flip flop actually got stuck to his shirt ( I was sitting like a lady on a tall bar stool) and he spilled his pitcher all over my legs.  We ended up talking after quite a bit of shit talking about the spilled beer.  The conversations were laughable and the excitement of meeting someone new was palpable.  At the end of the night, we didn't exchange numbers and went our separate ways, but it made me realize that without a doubt, I DON'T WANT TO MEET ANYONE FROM A DATING APP!

I don't want this picture perfect image and filtered lifestyle.  I want to see the nitty gritty and find out your sense of humor and what you do for a living in our first face to face conversation.  I don't want to text for months on end and have those conversations fizzle and be left wondering why.  

I don't want app perfection, I want messy life experiences.

So thanks Beer Spiller Dude for being the reason I realized what I knew all along!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar

For awhile now, I have been working on being a whole lot healthier. This entails exercise, weight lifting, eating more whole unprocessed foods, while getting in my supplements, enough water and greens every single day. As if all of that isn't enough, I've decided to add apple cider vinegar(ACV) to my list. 

For as long as I can remember, people have been swearing by ACV and it's health benefits which include- weight loss, bone density, appetite control, diminishing heartburn and overall gut health. These all seem like positives, so why not?! 

Each website calls for different dosages. The one o preferred over all others was 1 Tablespon mixed with cold water first thing in the morning so that is what I have chosen. I also read you can do this same mix up to 30 minutes before each mean to suppress the appetite....  This might actually work, considering you may want to die after the shot!

Another website suggests mixing it with 1/8 teaspoon of baking side, letting it fizz, add water and downing it. The 2nd grade scientist of my conscious tells me this is a terrible idea considering baking soda and vinegar cause a caustic chemical reaction. Don't know about you, but I don't really feel like have my insides explode!  Besides, who would clean up that mess?!

Today is day 2 of this magic shot first thing in the morning and so far all I feel is full as in I ate too much for my stomach to process everything.  Hopefully it gets easier and better with each day that passes, after all I have 28 days left to go. 

Who else is a ACV shooter?  How long have you done it?  Any tips?