Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday and I am so happy about that.  As much as time seems to be flying by, it is also VERY slow...  Most especially at work.

To celebrate TGIF, here are a few favorites from my week.

$1 Large drinks are back at participating McDonalds.  I am a sucker for the regular iced tea with lemon.  It gets me through the day and I love that it's just a $1.00!

Aleader Women's Running Shoes- I am a firm believer in more than one pair of shoes, especially if your feet get tired during walks/jogs/  I have Reeboks and Ascis that I love, but honestly both pairs are killing my feet.  While doing a search I came across these cuties.  The reviews are all good so I am thinking I may need to grab a pair.

This article about changing your life in 66 days.  I don't know if it is true, but I think it is worth trying out.

Football is 139 days away!!!  I cannot express how happy I am for football to be back in my life!  The official schedule was released yesterday and kickoff starts with The Chiefs at the Pats... We all know who is winning that one.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Subconsciously Superficial

I have gone a few million dates and up until recently I never realized some of the superficial things I have done to seem like a better fit for the guy.

Heels Vs. Flats-  I am 5'7" and when I wear heels I tend to feel like a total and complete Amazon.  This is fine when I go out with a guy who is at least 6 feet tall, but not when the dude is 5'9".  I don't tend to set height restrictions, but let's be honest, it is weird to me to be taller or even around the same height.  When I date a guy around 5'9" I find myself trading in my daily wedges for flats.  This might not seem like a bad thing, but bye bye cowboy boots with any heel and bye bye cute summery wedges.  It is probably better for my back and knees, but not my confidence.

Alcohol Choices-  I tend to follow the lead of what my date orders to drink.  It makes me feel weird to order a beer if they are just drinking water.  Typically I opt for a Bud Light over anything else, because it is easy to order, most restaurants or bars carry it and the guy will most likely remember this if there is a future date.  Yes, this is a test of sorts.  When I dated a guy a few years back, he knew I was a Bud Light or Budweiser girl.  He also knew the garnishes I drank with my beer.  While I didn't make it easy on him with the garnishes, a beer brand was easier than remembering that I prefer a vodka soda with a lime wedge and two green olives.

Comedies Vs. Action Films-  Let me first start by saying, I hate movie dates.  Each movie date I have gone on has had awkward moments, mostly with me falling asleep.  I can't help it, by the time Friday nights roll around I am exhausted and a dark movie theater is just the place to catch up on sleep.  That being said, if I have to go on a movie date, I prefer comedies, but I will settle for an action movie, because most men see comedies (not including Will Farrell) as chick flicks.  Action movies are never really high on my priority list, because well, movies are not high on my priority list.

I am sure there are other things I do subconsciously, but I haven't caught them just yet.  What do you do?

Monday, April 10, 2017

"Change" Bothers Me

I was messaging with someone last night and they asked what I wanted to change about my life.  Without a thought or doubt, I responded with "nothing, my life is awesome."  And that is the truth.

I have an amazing family that supports me when I need support, the same goes for my group of friends.  Sure there are days where I would "change" certain things, but I don't require relocation or upending my life to be satisfied.

Obviously the term "change" started to rub me raw... I don't like that term because it implies there is something horribly flawed with a person that only something drastic can ultimately "fix".  Of course I believe in goals and personal growth, but I don't think people should go around shouting the word "change".

Yes I "change" the color of my hair, "change" my sheets, "change" my shoes, but if you notice these "changes" are always superficial and don't allow a person to become better.

It is time to trade in "change" for "strive" or "want".

I want to be a better person..
I strive for personal peace.

So no, I don't buy into "change".  If you need to "change," you gotta do you...  I will be over here working toward my goals.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Be A Boss Lady

Everywhere you turn there is something or someone telling women to be a "boss lady".  While most would think of a "boss lady" in terms of the working world; the truth is being a "boss lady" is a full time, all day every day status that women who own their lives get to flaunt.

Being a "boss lady" means:

Making and keeping doctor and dentist appointments.  No one else is going to make sure you are going when you're supposed to, this is on you.  Own your health.

Busting ass at your passions and work.  Maybe they are one and the same, maybe they are not.  If you want to rise above, get out there and bust your ass.  There are no silver platters around these parts, just the gold you worked hard for and earned.

Playing your own leading lady.  You want the guy, go for it.  That doesn't mean you'll get him, but it'll alleviate any regrets later in life.  Be in charge of your own love life.  If you need a match maker or Tinder to get there, do it.  Do not be ashamed of looking for love.  Or if you're looking for that hook up- just do it.  You don't owe answers to anyone, but yourself.  Just be safe and make sure he is single.

Creating a retirement plan.  This may seem eons away, but it will sneak up on you and you don't want to be the person who is solely dependent upon Social Security... Especially considering the Republican party wants to do away with Social Security.  Own your finances, make investments, pay attention to statements.  Set yourself up for retirement success.

We all have a set of rules we play by, just make sure yours are taking care of you and business at the same time and not catering to the ideals of society.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Summer Is Coming

Summer is just around the corner which means it is literally here in California.  It is time for pedicures, tanning, sunscreen, and protecting your tresses from the hot and sometimes humid weather.

This year's list is really similar to last years and if I was more of an organized blogger I would ink it here, but I am not and I think y'all will be just fine not comparing the lists.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Dry Shampoo

I am off to some fun in the sun!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Plastic Surgery

About a month ago I went with my mom for an eye surgery consultation.  When I think "eye surgery" a plastic surgery center full of Botox beauties doesn't enter my mind... Yet that is what I entered walking into this consultation.

A little background- my mom has extra skin on her eyelids which is causing vision irritation and other issues so she is getting that fixed so she can not hit things when she is driving.

Anyways, my mom's soon to be surgeon comes in.  He is all of like 35 and totally thinks he is hot shit, which kinda made me laugh seeing as you could tell he had just come from racquetball.  He did his assessment of my mom and told her she was sure to be approved and that another assistant would be in to help her fill out paperwork.  Let's call her Stacy.

I would like to make it sound like Stacy just appeared unassuming, yet Stacy is a lot...  More than a lot, she is Stacy!.  At first I couldn't tell if she was thirty or fifty.  She had giant Texas blonde hair and big painted up lips that looked like they were stuck somewhere between duck lips and fish puckers.   Oh and they were painted up in fuchsia... Glittery, glossy fuchsia.

I can barely understand any words coming from Stacy's mouth other than she just had her lips done and had a few Botox shots and we could totally get some too because "Hello, Botox is ahhhmazzzing!"  She literally was trying up sell my mom into getting injections.  SO much so that we had prices laid out in front of us and Stacy took it upon herself to go and get another woman.  let's call her Nadia.

I am sitting in a room full of women when Stacy lets loose on her age.. She is 58 and has been doing Botox injections and chemical peels since she was 32...  That is 26 years.  Did Botox exist 26 years ago?  I haven't any idea, but I couldn't question Stacy without Nadia interjecting that a lip filler on my upper and lower lip would make everyone go gaga over me.  Admittedly, Stacy looked good for her age, but she couldn't move her lips and said she avoided smiling and laughter because it would mean she would have to get injections sooner than later.

Before I knew what was happening I was answering questions about my age what I would like to have done, where they could see I needed fillers and before I know I was quoted for $3400 of fillers and Botox...

$3400!  But don't worry I could apply for Care Credit and make payments, but the fillers and Botox only last 6-8 months...  In case you are wondering, it was $1000 for one tube of Botox/filler included with the procedure then the tube price drops to $600 for each tube after that, which means my face and just my face would require 5 tubes of filler/ Botox.

And I thought I looked good for thirty...

Before I do Botox, maybe I should apply sunscreen, use anti wrinkle cream, and quit drinking so much?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blog Inspiration

I find the more blogs I read, the more I feel inspired to blog and change things up on my blog.  Facebook and Pinterest have been two awesome social media platforms where I have been prompted to visit new (to me) blogs and, of course, I am always visiting my favorite blogs as well.

Blogging is such an interestingly different kind of world.  I have IRL friends that have come from my blogging and I have internet/ Snapchat/ text blog buddies as well.  There is something to be said about pouring your life stories, thoughts and feelings out on the internet that makes other bloggers realize you are cool enough to actually be real friends with this person.

The Crazy Wise Woman- I love Amy.  She is a girl after my own heart.  When I did Whole 30 in January, she was right there doing it too, inspiring me to keep going and giving me fresh ideas.  Not to mention we both get how much dating, more specifically Tinder dating, sucks.

Dream Big And Buy The Shoes-  Emelia and I actually met through a beauty item swap a couple years ago.  She loves cupcakes and sunset photos as much as I do.  I also adore her take on motherhood.  She is seriously awesome.

Living In Yellow- Facebook advertised Living In Yellow and as soon as I saw a couple fashion posts I was hooked.  Erin is charming and has great style so I visit her daily just to see what is new over there.

The Daily Tay-  I found Tay a few years ago, prior to my own my blog starting.  I have laughed out loud, shed a few tears, and found myself shaking my head "yes" to so many of her posts.

The Other Juilette- Blogging lead me to semi stalking her when she visited her now husband in my hometown and I basically made Juilette be friends with me.  I am forceful like that.  Actually, we don't see that much of each other, other than random run ins and I am still awaiting a margarita and fish taco date night, but alas Juilette is still one of my favorite bloggers to read.

As for other bloggers turned IRL friends, not so many of them blog so much anymore.  That is ok, because I have their phone numbers and hold the power of a human tracker so I can findthem when I need to.